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How To Defend Yourself In A
Campus Sexual Assault Case

Why You Should Download This Guide If You're Facing Campus Sexual Assault Allegations:


If you're found not responsible by the school, your college could be sued or investigated by the Department of Education for violating Title IX. There are few reasons for the school to make things fair for you.


You'll learn the one big thing you should do as soon as you learn about a charge.


You'll understand more about the hearing process and the core emotional dynamic that results in many students being found responsible.


You'll learn what being found responsible can mean for you and for your future.


You'll read about what's happening in the courts with campus sexual assault cases.


This Guide was written by two of the country's most experienced lawyers with campus sexual assault cases. Here, we explain what you can do - even if you can't afford a lawyer - to have the best chance to preserve your future.

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